Thursday, August 16, 2012

Crowdsourcing a title for my grand rounds on social media

A few weeks ago I was flattered to be asked by an old friend from Stanford fellowship days, Dr. Ed Nelson, Chief of the Division of Hematology/Oncology, UC Irvine School of Medicine, to give Grand Rounds  for the UCI Department of Medicine in October 2012, on the topic of "Social media in medicine, now and in the future." Since it's a grand rounds, the audience will probably be mostly physicians, and my expectation is that their familiarity with social media tools and comfort with using them in their professional lives and in interacting with patients probably pretty limited. I could be wrong, but I suspect they are similar to the faculty at most other medical schools. I haven't fully decided yet on how I am going to shape the talk, but I expect I will cover such topics as:
  1. General overview of SM tools and applications
  2. Statistics on the tremendous growth of SM in healthcare and medicine
  3. Examples of best practices from prominent institutions like Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson, Hopkins, etc.
  4. Opportunities to use SM to promote enrollment to clinical trials and for other areas of patient engagement
  5. Use of social media for sharing medical information with other healthcare professionals and for continuous professional development, which was some of the research I presented at Medicine 2.0 at Stanford in 2011 with Brian McGowan et al
Since I am a believer in the power and inevitability of social media and social networks in healthcare, while still maintaining a healthy skepticism about its utility in clinical practice, I intend to give a generally positive, enthusiastic, and balanced presentation, particularly highlighting my personal growth in this area.

I need a catchy, non-cliched title for my talk, something that conveys the optimism and promise but doesn't sound like a press release from the latest Web 2.0 start-up. So I decided to crowdsource it! Please make suggestions for a title for my Medicine Grand Rounds, either in the comments below or tweet it to me @rsm2800. Thanks!


  1. Sounds like a great opportunity Dr. Miller - hope you'll share the slides/talk online if you are able.

    How about simply #GrandRounds
    which gives you an opportunity to explain the idea of a hashtag and connect that to professional uses (your case #5)

  2. Oh this is great:) Let me think on this and I will RT your post. Right now my title capabilities are only operating on two cylinders so I'll let it percolate.

    -- Jody

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    1. Sorry, I accidentally removed your comment :( - I'm a klutz. Can you repost it? Thanks.

  4. Tie in either "ROI" or some financial benefit.

    I've ran over 90 workshops on social media for doctors just in the NY/NJ region. Attendance tripled the moment I included reference to $

    It's just what doctors want to know. I tried using the approach "do this for your patients' benefit" and had poor response. The moment I tied it to patient volumes, $, ROI... big response.

    Hope that helps!

    Tweet with me @SimonSikorskiMD

  5. IMHO hashtag should tie to institution sponsoring it. How about #UCIMedGrRounds ?

  6. Title: Social Media Utility & Growth
    Hashtag: (I agree to tie in institution somehow)

  7. Title: Social Media in Medicine Utility & Growth (tieing in to your ASCO twitter paper)
    Hashtag: I agree with including institution abbreviation