Monday, September 3, 2012

Perspicacity Blog et #Springsteen

This post has nothing to do with medical oncology, biomedical informatics, patient-centered care, or anything remotely health-related - except perhaps the effects of humidity on the human body - but if you were following me on Twitter you figured out that I went to the Springsteen concert at Citizens Bank Park in Philly last night with my two sons. Speaking as a lifelong fan, adjectives fail, but epic, exuberant, and electrifying come close. Here's a quick review including the 33-song setlist. Over 3 1/2 hours with 8 encores. Unbelievable. Third time I've seen him live in the past 27 years. If you are of a certain age and have a pulse, try to catch one of his shows on this tour.

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