Monday, October 8, 2012

Breast cancer links page

This blog post will be a work in progress, and I'll probably keep updating it. I was motivated to do this to try to put together a list of online references for my own breast cancer patients. I do regret I haven't really done this in quite a few years. I frequently refer patients to the Hopkins Breast Center web site or Cancer.Net, but obviously there are many other choices. I will generally only list institutional, non-profit, or governmental sites, and usually only those with which I am reasonably familiar. While there is much good content on commercial sites and social media sites, it is not my intent to focus on those here.

Curation of online content - in my humble opinion - is an important role for the 21st century physician. In a perfect world, I would spend part of every visit, or at least every new patient visit, pointing my patients to online references that complement what we covered during the visit and help them further understand their diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment options. The truth is, it is very challenging to find the time to do that. That is not likely to change until we have our EHR fully implemented at Hopkins next spring, with the patient portal in place and automated after-visit summary generated with each visit. I am optimistic that the technology will facilitate this type of educational offering.

I welcome recommendations of other web sites that my readers have found helpful. As mentioned, I intend to focus largely on reputable institutional sites, but I will read every suggestion. Please leave me a comment below or suggest a site to me on Twitter (@rsm2800).

And now the obligatory disclaimer stuff...

The links that I list below are from organizations that are reputable and have a history of producing high quality , credible patient-education information. If I approve a blog comment mentioning other sites/resources, I am sharing it but not necessarily endorsing it. Obviously, all of these sites are from third parties, and I do not control their content. And as I say in the disclaimer on my home page, this blog is not medical advice. Always consult your physician for specific medical questions about your condition.

General Breast Cancer Information

Cancer.Net - Cancer Types>>Breast Cancer

NCCN Guidelines for Patients - Breast Cancer

National Cancer Institute - Breast Cancer Home Page

American Cancer Society - Breast Cancer Overview

Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center - Breast Cancer Program Home Page

Drug Information

Drug Index - British Columbia Cancer Agency

American Cancer Society - Guide to Cancer Drugs

National Cancer Institute - Cancer Drug Information

WebMD - Drug and Medication List

Clinical Trials

National Cancer Institute - Clinical Trials Search

American Cancer Society Clinical Trials Matching Service

Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center Breast Cancer Program - Clinical Trials Page

Breast Cancer/General Oncology News Research News

MedPage Today - Oncology/Hematology Information Center

Oncolink - Cancer News

Coping/Supportive Care

National Cancer Institute - Coping with Cancer: Supportive and Palliative Care

Cancer.Net - Coping - For Patients and Survivors

Oncolink - Cancer Support and Coping with Cancer


Cancer.Net - Survivorship Page

LIVESTRONG - Cancer Transitions

Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center - Breast Cancer Survivorship Care


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